About Me

Homepage PicDarryl Duke was born December 14, 1959 in York, Pennsylvania. As a child he experienced much uncertainty in his life, and as a result, he began acting out and getting into trouble as a teenager. Despite being filled with fears and insecurities, through hard work and a drive not to fail, Darryl won a novice Golden Gloves championship at the age of 16. It was after this, however, that he would begin a slow and steady pattern of drinking that led to an empty and unfulfilled life.

In  May of 1996, Darryl woke up one morning feeling sick and  terrified after a night of drinking, and knew in his heart that if he ever wanted to live a better life, he would have to quit. He used Alcoholics Anonymous and The Twelve Steps to help him remain sober and become a better person, but after several years of sobriety he began longing for answers to two questions that AA couldn’t give him. “Why are we here?” and “Is there truly a God?”  

As he searched outside the rooms of AA for those answers,  what he found convinced him that helping others was his calling in life.

Although he fails at times to be a better person than he was before, Darryl continues trying to grow and believing as hard as he can that something created life and the universe for a reason. Today, a belief in himself and the possibility of a creator keeps Darryl moving forward on a path that he hopes will enable him to help people believe at least two things: That everything’s going to be all right even when it’s not. And that we can be all right even when we’re not.

Although I try to be a better person than I was before, there are times when I say or do something I don’t like myself for. However, because I have learned to love myself unconditionally, I don’t beat myself up over it. Instead, I look at where I was at fault, apologize to someone if necessary, and do whatever is needed to improve on myself and my behaviors. Spiritual and personal growth are the main factors behind me becoming a better person. And faith that something created life and the Universe for a reason is the foundation for that growth.” ~Darryl Duke


finding greater happiness in sobriety