About Me

DSCF2930 Darryl Duke was born December 14, 1959 in York, Pennsylvania. As a child he experienced much uncertainty in his life, and as a result, he began acting out and getting into trouble as a teenager. Despite being filled with fears and insecurities, through hard work and a drive not to fail, Darryl won a novice Golden Gloves Championship at the age of 16. It was after this, however, that he slowly began a pattern of drinking that would eventually lead to an empty and unfulfilled life.

However, on the morning of April 27, 1996, waking up feeling sick and terrified after a night out drinking, he knew in his heart that if he ever wanted to live a better life he would need to quit. He used Alcoholics Anonymous and The Twelve Steps to help him remain sober and become a better person, but after several years of sobriety he began longing for answers that AA couldn’t give him. As he searched outside the rooms for those answers, what he found convinced him that helping others was his calling in life, and although he eventually stopped going to meetings, he still remains grateful for what AA and the Twelve Steps did for him.

Today, Darryl continues on a path of growth that inspires him to write more books and start recovery meetings different from those of the Twelve Step variety in an effort to help those who, like him, are looking for greater happiness and meaning in life.

“Some people say life is hard and has no meaning. Maybe life has no meaning except for the meaning we give it. I found that having a sense of purpose in our lives helps. I define my purpose as helping others. I’ve also found that by helping others, we help ourselves. In this sense, we’re all one. Life can seem hard at times, but if we use those times to grow stronger and our experiences from those times to help others, we begin to see how easy life can be and that it does, indeed, have meaning.”  —Darryl Duke