I’m No Superman

I can’t imagine ever drinking again. I enjoy being sober and living a spiritual life. I’ve become a good person who loves themselves and others. And I’m happy with who I am. But let me make two things clear.

I’m no superhero when it comes to living a spiritual life. And it’s not always easy being me.

There are times when my thoughts become filled with anger about one thing or another, and a small resentment can crop up. I can be somewhat cynical when it comes to certain people—a few celebrities and politicians come to mind. And I’m a man who enjoys looking at woman, although I’m careful not to stare, especially when I’m with my wife. Oh yeah. I also drop the F-Bomb sometimes and say things I wish I hadn’t.

As far as why it’s not easy being me, well that’s a little more complicated.

You would think if I’m happy with myself and enjoy life, it only stands to reason that being who I am shouldn’t be hard. But sometimes it is. Sometimes, a sudden sadness comes over me, or I feel anxious without any real reason for it.

Now I know that may not seem like a big deal, but wait, there’s more.

I’ve gone to bed in a good mood already, only to awaken the next morning feeling down or actually fearful. Dreams are sometimes the culprit and these feelings usually go away quickly. But sometimes they linger and I have to fight mentally to feel better emotionally.

Science tells us that some people have lower levels of what I like to call the happy chemicals in our brains, which I’m sure I am one of. But that doesn’t help much when I’m feeling unhappy for no reason of my making.

Fortunately, I’ve come to realize that there are going to be times when I’m not as happy as I want to be and that the way I am feeling will pass. I just wish it was easier on some days is all.

In the end I do know that living a spiritual life, which doesn’t have to be anything more than trying to be a better person than we were before, helps us to love ourselves and to be happy with who we are. And that may well be another reason I have to fight to be happy.

Truth be told, I haven’t been trying as hard as I have in the past to improve on myself—correcting my negative thoughts and behaviors.

I may not be a superhero when it comes to living a spiritual life. And it’s not always easy being me. But I can’t think of a better way to live or a better person to be.

I just need to work harder at being the person I say I am.

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Finding A Happy Balance

Research shows that some people have an imbalance of neurochemicals in our brains responsible for happiness and a sense of well-being, of which I believe I’m one of.  I’m sure this played a major role in why I liked alcohol so much; it made me feel good about myself and life. Well for a while anyway.

As the fears and insecurities I had in my life grew worse, alcohol only temporarily relieved me of the unhappiness I often felt sober. 

Today, I’m able to feel a sense of well-being on my own.  But I admit that some days I have to do certain things to feel happier.

Click on The Neurochemicals of Happiness to read about 7 specific neurochemicals that help us feel good in life and what we can do to create more of them.

I truly believe that all most people want in life is to be happy; it’s just some of us try ways that don’t work. But no matter what our beliefs are as to what happiness is and how to best achieve it, finding a balance in our lives is important.

It can come by way of creating more of the happy neurochemicals in our brains as mentioned. However, it can also be an emotional balance—one where we no longer feel as fearful and insecure as we once did, or as angry. In my case both are important in my efforts to feel happier in life.

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