Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

“I’ve read that our will is God’s will and we have the power to create our own reality. Perhaps that explains why both what we call good and what we call evil can take place. In the end it’s up to us to decide what we want to believe, and what we want to create. I try to believe that something created life and the universe for a reason, and do good, but I have my days when I wonder what the hell life is really about. I still continue trying to do good and see good in others, though. It’s how I create happiness, even when there’s not much to be happy about.”

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Power Of Prayer

I don’t believe in a devil or hell, but I do try to believe that something created life and the universe for a reason. Now I know saying I “try” to believe sounds a lack of faith on my part, and I do admit I have doubts at times about there being a god of some kind. But one thing I believe in more than ever is the power of prayer.

Now a very important part of prayer is believing our requests will be answered, which is probably why some of my dreams haven’t come true yet. But I can confidently say that prayer has always helped me in times when I was full of doubt and fear.

Of course, I also did other things to help me, like talking with someone about my circumstances and mustering as much hope as I could that everything would be all right. But there are still times today when the only thing that helps me with my fears is prayer and trying to believe in some kind of god.

One definition of faith is a belief in the trustworthiness of an idea that’s not been proven, and although I can’t prove there is a god, because of everything that’s happened in my life, I can’t help but believe that prayer works, with or without a god to explain it.

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It Doesn’t Matter If We’re Different

Science tells us that we are all made up of the same matter, and in a spiritual sense, it can be said we’re all one. However, because of the many varieties and combinations of genes given to us by our parents, we’re all different, even twins. In fact, it can be said each one of us is actually unique.

Now if I’ve confused you it wasn’t my intention. I know the “we’re all one” thing and spirituality can be hard to accept for some people. But if we believe that something created life and the universe for a reason, like I try to do, it can help us feel more of a connection with one another.

Something else that can help us believe we are all one is our own ability to create. We all have the power to change our lives and ourselves for the better. I changed who I was for the better by changing my thought processes and my negative behaviors, and as a result, my life also improved.

It’s estimated that 50 percent of our genes are passed down from generation to generation, but we don’t have to be a product of our genes. Positive thinking and taking care of ourselves through diet and exercise can help us avoid any health problems our parents or grandparents may have.

We might not agree that we’re all one, even if science tells us we’re made up of the same stuff. But if there is a creator of some kind then it is possible to be different and unique, while still being all one.

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A Reason for Everything?

When something good happens it’s fairly easy to say there was a reason for it. However, when some random tragedy occurs that doesn’t seem to have any meaning to it, can we possibly say there’s a reason for everything?

When I consider some of the tragic events that take place in people’s lives, and the world, I wonder what meaning any of it could have. However, tragedies aside, I have learned to use unwanted circumstances in my life as a way to grow stronger, and find meaning to why I went through what I did.

Maintaining gratefulness for what’s good in my life during rough times helps, and so does talking to people who have gone through far worse things than us. I’ve met people who lost children and became inspired by their stories. They not only spoke of their tragedy, but how they fought to make sense of it. The end result was that they found a way to survive one of the hardest things a parent can go through, and eventually return to some level of happiness again.   

I don’t pretend to fully understand why some people go through the awful things they do, or why there has to be tragedy in the world at all, but I still try to believe there’s a reason for everything. I remind myself of the good things that happen in our world, and think about all the stories I’ve heard from people who survived horrific events and were able to find meaning to them. Stories that may not prove there’s a reason for everything, but hopefully inspires us all to be more grateful in life and see how our experiences can help others.

Perhaps this is the best way for us to add meaning to our lives, and the events that take place in them. The good things, the bad things, and the things we don’t understand.

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