A More Level Playing Field

Until we all fully understand that it’s not just the current and previous administrations who are to blame for the growing economic inequality in America, but big corporations and their greed. We will never unite and prosper as a people. The demise of the Middle Class will continue. And the true culprits, specifically the Billionaire businessmen behind the real politics that go on unseen, will continue to make insanely huge profits.

It’s time to cry out for a more level playing field that allows all the hard-working people of this country to live a better and less worrisome life, instead of living pay check to pay check.

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That Would Be Divine

“A miracle, big or small, doesn’t have to be defined as an act of divine intervention. I’ve had things happen in my life that could be considered small miracles, and three important factors behind them were having hope, not being afraid to ask others for help, and not giving up. I’d like to believe that a creator of sorts had something to do with them too, and maybe it did? Knowing for sure would be divine. But for now I’ll keep trying to believe that something gave me the ability to help myself, and that miracles, both big and small, are possible as long as we don’t give up”

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I Hope This Helps

“When we talk about our recovery, we should also speak of the two H’s, essential for promoting emotional wellness and greater happiness.  One is hope, and the other is help. It doesn’t matter what order they come in. We just need to know that hope can lead to help, and that help can lead to hope. And together they can bring us the desired outcome.”

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