Being Positive Even When We’re Not

My life has been quite a journey so far and things have turned out better in my sobriety than I ever thought they would. As a result, Living In The Moment and not worrying about the future is easier for me.

Of course there are times when I do worry, especially when there’s uncertainty involved. I find it’s easy to be positive in life when things are going good and I have no worries, but trying to remain positive when I have doubts about my future can be hard at times.

Despite the fact that doubt can still be a part of my journey whenever I experience fears and uncertainty about my future today, I remind myself about my past. Although there were times when things looked hopeless and I wasn’t sure why I was going through something, an answer would eventually come and things would improve. And no matter how afraid I felt at the time, I also grew stronger.

I do something else that has never failed to help me get through some of the toughest times in my sobriety. I use the tools that I believe we all possess to help us stop worrying and start living in the moment again. I talk to someone about my fears and insecurities. Try to find hope in any situation. And I tell myself that everything will be all right. I also talk to whatever god there may be and ask for guidance and reassurance.

One other thing I do is read different books. Some are of the self-help variety while others are spiritual or new age, and a few are religious. But I find that doing this comforts me and encourages me to believe everything will be all right

It may be hard to remain positive when we have doubts about our future, but if we persistently do the things I talked about here, we can find strength to keep moving forward in our journeys. We will also find it easier to live in the moment. Not worry so much about the future. And as I’m starting to do. Believe our life can only get better along the way.

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The Part That Makes Me Cry

Here comes the sad part
It’s not the fun part
It’s the part that makes me cry

It’s where I hug you
It’s where I kiss you
It’s where I say goodbye

I miss you when I leave
I miss you the next day
I miss you so very much

Time goes by too slowly
Time goes by too slow
The time we’re out of touch

I know I will see you again
I know it won’t be long
I know this to be true

We’ll do stuff together
We’ll do what we want
We’ll do what you want to do

It’s where I hug you
It’s where I kiss you
It’s where I say hello

I treasure our time together
I treasure my time with you
I treasure it more than you know

It’s not the sad part
It’s the fun part
It’s the part that makes me cry

To my grandson who I love so very much.

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Fears began in my childhood, grew in my teenage years, and stayed with me throughout my adult life. Thankfully, through the twelve and a half years I’ve been sober I have become better at understanding my fears and coping with them until I am able to overcome them.  As far as any new fears I experience, I know they are really just old ones that have resurfaced. However, because I’m aware they’re old fears it’s easier for me to quickly move past them.

Really when I think about it, the only new fears I seem to experience anymore come from doubts I sometimes have. My biggest doubt created fear today is whether I will become successful in my endeavor to go out and help others at the level I want to.

Fortunately, as I said, I’ve learned how to cope with my fears, but there are days when I need help in overcoming them. On those days, I pray to whatever created life and the Universe to give me guidance and reassurance, and I thank it for everything in my life. Then despite my fears, I tell myself everything will be all right and go about my day waiting for the guidance and reassurance I need.  I do this by looking for what some people call a sign. I began calling these signs “non coincidences” several years ago, and not only do they help me believe that I’m on the right track in life, but they also give me hope that there’s a God of some kind.

Sometimes this happens through a song I haven’t heard in a long while that holds some special meaning to me. Or a magazine article that I feel I was meant to read. And other times it happens through an informative TV show of some type. However, more often than not, these “non coincidences” come about through a chance meeting with someone who in conversation says something that gives me the guidance and reassurance I asked for.

Prayer, people, hope and self-talk have kept me sober and greatly contributed to the happiness I cherish so much today. Without these tools, I don’t know what I would have done when the doubts and fears I felt throughout my sobriety, especially early on, almost overcame me.

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