A More Level Playing Field

Until we all fully understand that it’s not just the current and previous administrations who are to blame for the growing economic inequality in America, but big corporations and their greed. We will never unite and prosper as a people. The demise of the Middle Class will continue. And the true culprits, specifically the Billionaire businessmen behind the real politics that go on unseen, will continue to make insanely huge profits.

It’s time to cry out for a more level playing field that allows all the hard-working people of this country to live a better and less worrisome life, instead of living pay check to pay check.

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Let’s All Have A New Mind-Set

We must become united as a people if we ever expect to help solve our nation’s problems. But first we need to drop the self-defeating mind-set of “us against them.” A division of our citizens that was instigated by the government a long time ago. We need to see how both sides of our political parties point the finger at each other for the problems in this country, and nothing much gets done. Especially when it comes to helping the dwindling middle class. Black, White, Hispanic, no matter what race. This struggling and yet largely ignored group of people find it harder each year to live the American Dream, while the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor seem to get all the attention and all the benefits.

We can, of course, continue to believe that we’re right and the other side is wrong, and argue our political views with each other. But I’m hoping more people will begin to see the insanity in all of this and stop the debates. First, however, more people will need to see the insanity within our political parties. It shouldn’t be too hard. The extreme foolishness, folly, senselessness, and foolhardiness exhibited by our politicians over the years, the very people we trusted to make things better in our country, should be evident by the shape its in. If we can all agree on this, maybe then we can become united in a common cause that benefits everyone.

We can even have the mind-set of “us against them” once again, only this time it will hold a new, and perhaps promising meaning for everyone involved.   

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Enough is Enough When Greed Comes Before Needs!

Ever hear the saying, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” I’m thinking if there was ever a time for this phrase to be fitting, it may be now.  Reports show that oil companies and other large corporations are making record profits at a time when a lot of people are unemployed, or if working, have little chance of getting a raise. Sadly, some folks have actually even had their wages cut.

I’m all for companies making a profit, and I have no problem with rewarding the hard-working people who helped make that profit. However, when I hear how huge some of the profits and rewards are, it makes me wonder how justified it really is, especially when so many other hard-working people are struggling just to make ends meet.

Now I do realize, of course, that some businesses put their employees first, and there are  wealthy people who give money to charities and help the needy. However, the average American is in need of help too.

When it comes to how much wealth and material things anyone truly needs in life, I always ask this initial question. “What’s not enough?” I then follow-up with other questions. Is making ten million dollars a year not enough? Or is making fifty million a year not enough? Is owning three homes not enough? Or is owning six homes not enough?  What about having enough cars?  Is owning five not enough?  Or is owning a collection of cars, some that may never be driven, not enough?

Again, I know there are businesses that care about their employees, and there are wealthy people who understand the plight of the average American. But there is no denying that greed often comes before needs when it comes to big businesses and wealthy people.


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