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“I write about fears and insecurities on my blog and I’m not afraid to admit I still have some. Fortunately, I know I can overcome my fears and that I’m capable of working through any insecurities I feel. Like the other day for example. The thought popped into my head that I might appear to be feminine at times. After a few minutes of self-talk, I was able to reassure myself that I’m actually quite manly. Then as I finished painting the rest of my toenails, a smile came to my face as I realized how ridiculous the thought was.”

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Fear: The Root Of Our Unhappiness

Like me. A lot of people love lists. So I thought I’d share a list of some things that can help us face our fears and overcome them.

1. Hope. Having hope that things will be all right is perhaps the best way to begin the process of overcoming any fears that crop up in our lives.

2. Understanding our fears and why we have them. This can come through self-examination and talking with people we trust about our fears.

3. Talking to others. Talking to someone about how we’re feeling is one of the best ways to help us distinguish between real and perceived fears, and it often relieves some of the worry and anxiety we have.

4. Self-Talk. We need to tell ourselves everything will work out. This should include reminding ourselves of past unwanted circumstances we got through and how things could always be worse.

5. Remaining positive. Trying to remain positive when we feel fearful can be hard, but redirecting our thoughts of doubt and worry to more positive ones has been proven to help us with fear, and in some cases, actually improve our circumstances.

6. Helping Others. This has proven to take our minds off our own troubles and in many ways we’re helping ourselves as well. Especially when we help someone who has had a far worse past than us, and yet still became a stronger person than before.

7. Belief. Having faith can be hard for some people, including me. But trying to believe in more than just this world has helped me in times when nothing else has.

I would explain my belief further, but you can read about my beliefs on my blog. I promise it won’t be scary.


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