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Along with my book, I hope my blog helps change the negative views people have about alcoholism and addiction by being the voice I said I wanted to be.

“A voice for the thousands of people I’ve talked to since I began writing this book who have told me that because of how the world has changed over the years, they feel more fearful and less secure in their lives, and especially for those who use drugs to try to find greater happiness in a world that can seem maddening at times.

A lot has happened in my life since I wrote those words, and some of my beliefs have changed, which reflects in many of the posts I’ve written since, but I still have a dream of helping more people. Although I haven’t achieved a level of fame that could help me in this endeavor, I know I’ve already made a difference in some people’s lives.

I admit that doubts creep in at times about achieving my dream, but I won’t give up on it. I plan to write more books, keep posting on my blog, and hopefully start the very first Creating Our Path meeting for people with drug and alcohol problems. And as I keep moving toward my dream, whenever I have any fears and insecurities in my life, I will remind myself of something else I wrote in my book.

I have read that all of our fears are learned except for two that we’re born with. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Maybe the one of falling comes from not feeling secure, and the one of loud noises is just a fear of the unknown, I don’t know. What I do know is that as I go through life, although I may not always feel secure, I can feel less afraid by remembering it’s actually those times that make me grow stronger. And even though loud noises can still scare me, fear of the unknown is starting to scare me less.”   Thank you for visiting, and keep coming back!

finding greater happiness in sobriety