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Alcoholic and addict can be strong words for many people, and even offensive to those who drink and use drugs regularly. Movies and Television often show an extreme and unflattering side of addiction that not everyone experiences, and when someone compares themselves to the down-and-out stereotypes, they either don’t think they have a problem or are too ashamed to admit they do.

There are reasons why people use drugs, besides the fact that it makes them feel good. For many, drug and alcohol misuse can be a symptom of something else; something deeper. If you think you have a problem with substance use, one important question you can ask yourself is. “Why do I need a drug to be happy?”

I’ve been sober since 1996, and although there are days when I have to work a little harder at being happy, I no longer need alcohol to help me. Although I’m not ashamed to call myself an alcoholic. I often choose to say that I’m someone with an alcohol use disorder instead. My goal is to help change the often negative and misunderstood conceptions people have about alcohol and drug addiction and end the shame so many people feel.

Please feel free to read through my blog and share it with others. Thank you.

Darryl S. Duke