Maybe It Was Meant To Be?

An excerpt from chapter 4 of my book. Why I Got Married. I thought I’d post it on my blog after just celebrating 42 years of marriage. It would seem that maybe it was meant to be. But I think not drinking for the last 25 years was a big help. “It just doesn’t make … Read more

I Hope You Enjoy This

“There will come a time on our path of recovery from mental health and addiction issues when trying to achieve emotional wellness and greater happiness becomes less work and our lives more enjoyable. It just happens. The key, however, is to continue to accept help along the way and never give up. Having and maintaining … Read more

The Beginning. The End. And Everything In Between

As my life goes on I believe Somehow something’s changed Something deep inside Ooh a part of me There’s a strange new light in my eyes Things I’ve never known Changing my life Changing me I’ve been searchin’ So long To find an answer Now I know my life has meaning, oh That’s how the … Read more

Lacking Something Inside

“It’s not someone’s political or religious views that are the problem. It’s how they feel about themselves inside. The mean and hateful way some people react to those who disagree with them is often the lack of self-love, low self-esteem, and deep-rooted insecurities. One tenet of spirituality-practicing love, kindness, understanding, and tolerance toward others seems … Read more