Growing Less Troubled

“One thing I’ve learned over my long-term sobriety is that while each year sober doesn’t guarantee trouble-free times, it does give us an opportunity to grow both spiritually and as a person. It is through growth that we know troublesome times are usually temporary. It is through growth that we are able to turn hope … Read more Growing Less Troubled

Why I Began My Search

An excerpt from the first chapter of my book. It was originally written in 2005 when I was just 9 years sober. I explain in chapter 12 why I rewrote my original book and changed the title. But what I wrote back then is still relevant to my sobriety of 23 years now, and my … Read more Why I Began My Search

Welcome To My Neighborhood

I went to see the documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? with a few family members, including my now thirteen-year-old grandson last summer. It is about Fred Rogers, perhaps better known as Mr. Rogers, and I was simply amazed at what a wonderful person he was. The documentary was well made and I was happy … Read more Welcome To My Neighborhood