A Reason for Everything?

When something good happens it’s fairly easy to say there was a reason for it. However, when some random tragedy occurs that doesn’t seem to have any meaning to it, can we possibly say there’s a reason for everything?

When I consider some of the tragic events that take place in people’s lives, and the world, I wonder what meaning any of it could have. However, tragedies aside, I have learned to use unwanted circumstances in my life as a way to grow stronger, and find meaning to why I went through what I did.

Maintaining gratefulness for what’s good in my life during rough times helps, and so does talking to people who have gone through far worse things than us. I’ve met people who lost children and became inspired by their stories. They not only spoke of their tragedy, but how they fought to make sense of it. The end result was that they found a way to survive one of the hardest things a parent can go through, and eventually return to some level of happiness again.   

I don’t pretend to fully understand why some people go through the awful things they do, or why there has to be tragedy in the world at all, but I still try to believe there’s a reason for everything. I remind myself of the good things that happen in our world, and think about all the stories I’ve heard from people who survived horrific events and were able to find meaning to them. Stories that may not prove there’s a reason for everything, but hopefully inspires us all to be more grateful in life and see how our experiences can help others.

Perhaps this is the best way for us to add meaning to our lives, and the events that take place in them. The good things, the bad things, and the things we don’t understand.

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