Enough is Enough When Greed Comes Before Needs!

Ever hear the saying, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” I’m thinking if there was ever a time for this phrase to be fitting, it may be now.  Reports show that oil companies and other large corporations are making record profits at a time when a lot of people are unemployed, or if working, have little chance of getting a raise. Sadly, some folks have actually even had their wages cut.

I’m all for companies making a profit, and I have no problem with rewarding the hard-working people who helped make that profit. However, when I hear how huge some of the profits and rewards are, it makes me wonder how justified it really is, especially when so many other hard-working people are struggling just to make ends meet.

Now I do realize, of course, that some businesses put their employees first, and there are wealthy people who give money to charities and help the needy. However, the average American is in need of help too.

When it comes to how much wealth and material things anyone truly needs in life, I always ask this initial question. “What’s not enough?” I then follow-up with other questions. Is making ten million dollars a year not enough? Or is making fifty million a year not enough? Is owning three homes, not enough? Or is owning six homes, not enough?  What about having enough cars?  Is owning five not enough?  Or is owning, a collection of cars, some that may never be driven, not enough?

Again, I know there are businesses that care about their employees, and there are wealthy people who understand the plight of the average American. But there is no denying that greed often comes before needs when it comes to big businesses and wealthy people.


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