Two Words Three Wonders

My grandchild turned five today and I decided to post a poem I wrote just a few days after he was born. It’s not only about him, but relates to some things I wrote about my children in my book.  My wife is from Germany so he calls me Opie. A variation of the German word for grandpa, which is Opa.

Preston’s Here.
I heard these two words after my grandchild was born
And they filled my heart with such joy
That my eyes filled with tears
Just those two words was all it took
For me to go and see
This new wonder in my life
That would now make it three
The first one was my daughter
Who I wish I would have held much more
And the second was my son
Who sadly I wasn’t always there for
But with this third wonder in my life
I will have a fresh new start
To give him all the love
That I hold in my heart
Not that it wasn’t there for my son and daughter
All those years ago
It’s just now I have learned
How to truly let it show
And this I will always do
So all three of them can see
How much I really love them
And how much they mean to me
I will also hold my grandchild as often as I can
And if he ever needs me I promise he will hear
Two words that I hope fill’s his heart with joy
Opie’s Here.

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