Power Of Prayer

I don’t believe in a devil or hell, but I do try to believe that something created life and the universe for a reason. Now I know saying I “try” to believe sounds a lack of faith on my part, and I do admit I have doubts at times about there being a god of some kind. But one thing I believe in more than ever is the power of prayer.

Now a very important part of prayer is believing our requests will be answered, which is probably why some of my dreams haven’t come true yet. But I can confidently say that prayer has always helped me in times when I was full of doubt and fear.

Of course, I also did other things to help me, like talking with someone about my circumstances and mustering as much hope as I could that everything would be all right. But there are still times today when the only thing that helps me with my fears is prayer and trying to believe in some kind of god.

One definition of faith is a belief in the trustworthiness of an idea that’s not been proven, and although I can’t prove there is a god, because of everything that’s happened in my life, I can’t help but believe that prayer works, with or without a god to explain it.

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