Being All Right Even When Things Aren’t

I was asked recently how I can say “I believe everything will be all right even when it’s not,” when for some people, like those who have experienced great tragedies in life, for example, things may never be all right again. The reason for the question had to do with an older post I wrote called Grateful To Have Met You, but after explaining my belief and helping them understand what apparently can seem like a bold statement to some, I began thinking there’s probably other people who read my post and wondered the same thing.  So with that, here’s basically what I told the gentlemen. If you’ve read my older post, I hope it clears up any questions you have about my belief or the title of this post.

First, I fully understand that things may never be all right for some people. We each handle things differently in our lives, and I don’t want to seem arrogant with my belief. However, what I’m actually referring to when I say I believe everything will be all right even when it’s not, has to do with the lesser, but still disturbing things that can happen to us in life. And the reason I believe this to be true is that I’ve learned “I” can eventually be all right. It doesn’t mean I’m not fearful and worried through rough times, but I learned how with help, I can get through adverse circumstances and even grow from the experience. 

I’m not saying I could eventually be all right under any circumstances, like losing a child or a grandchild mind you. And I must add here that I believe statistically my children and grandchildren will long outlive me.  But I do know that we can either use adverse circumstances to help make us stronger or let them defeat us, and it’s up to us, and only us, to ask for help when needed.

Depending on our beliefs, we can pray for guidance and reassurance to whatever may have created life and the universe. Talk to someone. Try to maintain hope that things will turn out all right. And we should tell ourselves we can and will get through whatever we’re experiencing as often as we have to. So prayer, people, hope, and self-talk are our tools.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what if things won’t be all right like the person wanted to know?

Well, I certainly can’t speak on what anyone should do under the type of tragedies mentioned before; I don’t feel it’s my place to. I can only say that I know people who have gone through some of the worst possible tragedies ever, and yet eventually found some level of happiness again. This at least should give us hope that we could do the same.

Below is something I wrote in 2005 before I ever had a blog. I certainly wasn’t referring to the tragedies of life when I wrote it, but I was speaking of the lesser adverse circumstances that we can experience. It was true for me back then and still holds true today.

“Today I know I can eventually stop feeling worried and afraid when things aren’t going well in my life, not only by praying, but believing there’s a reason for everything and that something gave me the ability to be happy, which I wasn’t during most of my life because of my fears, and because of my drinking.”


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