I’m So Misunderstood

Sadly, sometimes my open and friendly manner can be misunderstood, and on some occasions even unwanted. Thankfully though, a lot of people do like my behavior and many of them respond in kind.

I realize we live in a word where fears and insecurity can make people more reserved in their attempts to connect with others, but it can actually do someone good to see a smile and a little friendliness now and then. Studies show that when someone smiles and acts friendly toward us, it actually causes changes in our brains that makes us feel good.

Trying to connect with others through a smile, some friendliness, and sometimes a little humor may not always be well received, but it shouldn’t stop us from continuing to try.

I may be misunderstood at times, but when I connect with someone I know I leave that person thinking the world isn’t so bad after all, and that there are still people who care. I know I go away feeling the same way.

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