That’s A Good Question

“Why do you need a drug to be happy?” This was asked of me years ago, and although I didn’t have an answer at the time, the question stuck with me and made me take a hard look at myself and my drinking problem.

Some people believe that using a substance adds to their happiness, and maybe for some it does. But I tried drinking to be happy and I actually became less happy overtime. Fortunately, I finally tried another way, one that didn’t include alcohol, and found more than just happiness. I found a way of life that made me feel good about myself.

I often use this question today when helping people with drug and alcohol problems. Like me, they may not have an answer at the time, but I’ve found that the question never chases anyone away who wants help. They may continue to use a substance, but inside they know it’s a good question. And one that needs to be answered.

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