My Impression Of Depression

In an earlier post called “Depression Ain’t It A Bitch,” I wrote about my experience with a minor depression I went through. However, I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject. I just love people and hold those suffering from depression near and dear to my heart.

Millions of people suffer from depression, and sadly, some come to see suicide as the only option to rid themselves of the emotional pain they feel. People with depression often have feelings of worthlessness or guilt. Feel hopeless, sad, and empty. And have an inability to experience pleasure.

Although I have seen what hope can do in people’s lives, including my own, I can fully understand how overcoming depression can seem like an impossible task for some.

Again I’m certainly not an expert on depression; I only know what I’ve read about it. But I learned that fighting any shame we feel and seeking professional help are key factors in overcoming depression.

Of course medication can be necessary, and new research shows great promise that through science and medicine, a cure can be found for this debilitating and, some times, deadly illness.

Go to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for more information. Thank you.

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