Feeling Good About Ourselves Even When We Don’t

I saw this little piece of paper the other day, fitted neatly in the bottom right corner of my overhead kitchen cabinet door that I hadn’t noticed before, and the experience I had as a result of reading the words on it inspired me to write this post.

As I said, I hadn’t noticed it before, but my wife told me later that she had cut it out of a magazine, and put it there a few weeks ago, with the idea of making a plaque like it. This isn’t the first time she’s gotten a craft idea from something she saw in a magazine. And it’s not the first time I’ve failed to spot something new or different in our home, which by the way, is something I have a problem with, at least according to my wife. But anyway. I liked what it said, and I believe I was supposed to see it when I did.

I was down that day and hadn’t been feeling very good about myself lately. This mostly stemmed from my failure to secure a job as a drug and alcohol counselor over the last three months; a position that had been a dream of mine for a long time.

There were two main reasons why landing my dream job was difficult, and they actually added to the way I was feeling. I only had an associate degree in a field that demanded a higher education. And I learned my age was very much a factor. Although I proudly graduated college in January of this year, it quickly became apparent that being 53 and not having a bachelor’s degree, makes a poor combination when seeking employment in any type of helping profession. The inspiring part of all of this though, was that after reading those words, and more than once I might add, I began to feel better as I slowly remembered something I had been forgetting this whole time.

I am thankful for everything in my life because it helped me become who I am. I do live simply and not extravagantly to impress others. I am kind. I do believe in myself. I never give up. I always try to use please and thank you. I certainly help others. I do cherish family and friends. I try to do my best at things. I listen with my heart. And as anyone who knows me will attest; I also laugh often and love lots.

I think most would agree that living as these words suggest can be an important part of being happy in life. And although having the ideal job is also an important part of being happy, in the end, it doesn’t necessarily matter what job we have, or in my case, don’t have at the moment.

What matters is that we love ourselves, which I do. And that we’re happy with who we are, which I am. It’s just sometimes we need a reminder of why these things are true.

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