When A Tweet Was A Sound A Bird Made

Tweet! Does a bird come to mind when you see this word, or do you immediately think of social media? Personally, my mind goes right to Twitter. But even though I tweet. Get on Facebook a lot. And use other forms of social media now and then. At 55 years old, I can honestly say I miss simpler times.

Because of this, I made a list of some things that I feel people around my age can relate to when they think about how times have changed over the years. It’s not a comprehensive list that required deep thought on my part. That would have taken too long and I have other things to do like surf the Internet and compulsively check my email. It’s just a short summary of a few random things in list form (social media people love lists) that I hope brings back memories of simpler times. Times when we weren’t so “addicted” to some of the things modern technology has brought us.

1. We used our imagination to play, not video games. And toys weren’t mostly from movies and TV shows in the form of characters and action figures with built-in personalities.

2. TV shows, as silly as some seem to be now, didn’t involve gratuitous violence. Sex and sexual innuendos. Sex. Personal insults used as humor. And shock value added under the guise of “entertainment.” Most shows simply had a moral to the story—a lesson to be learned.

3. We sent hand written letters to loved ones and looked forward to receiving them in return.

4. We used corded “home” phones to call people, and had to remain at one spot the whole time we were talking. (Although I did attach a 25 foot cord for better mobility, and later became overly obsessed with purchasing the latest models of cordless phones available).

5. Even if we had a cell phone, we still used it as a phone and not as a typing device or TV.

6. If we needed information we relied on sources like the library or the local newspaper.  The closest thing to Google was in name only—remember Koogle Peanut Butter with its koo koo koogly eyes?

7. Even if we had a computer, it was a desktop where we would sit for several minutes, usually patiently waiting to get on-line so we could hear “you got mail.”

8. A face book was a photo album.

9. A tablet was something we wrote on with a number 2 pencil. (I’m sure some us still do, but isn’t it a pain in the ass to sharpen one, even with an electric sharpener?)

10. Our thoughts and opinions about things were shared in person with friends, family, and at social get-together’s. I know this still holds true for many people, but I must add that doing so through an online blog makes for less arguments, at least it has for me.

So there you go.  Age may play a part in what you think about my list. I would have added more, but as I mentioned I was in a bit of  hurry while writing it.  It seems when I’m not on the Internet for awhile, my hands start shaking and it makes it hard to type.

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