A Rebounding Happiness

“I actually wrote something else as a commentary on the election, but I decided not to post it. It was written with a bit of anger, and I’m no longer angry, just sad. All I can do is hope for the best for our country and try not to hold any resentments that I’m sure will come. I know the happiness I’ve cherished since I quit drinking over 20 years ago will return and I can move on. I will rebound from what, for me, is an unwanted circumstance—it’s what I do. There is nothing that can make me feel like I did back in my drinking days, including an election.”

2 thoughts on “A Rebounding Happiness”

  1. Darryl, you are a brave man. I have a 50 year old daughter who has been unhappy for 6 years. She is also bipolar and refuses medicine. She gets mad at us easily, is into drugs, and won’t admit it and we are trying to keep a roof over her head. Since her husband died, she has not held a job and wanders around. On rare occasions, she stays here but usually not. She comes for supper( eg Christmas) 2 hours after we have eaten. We are trying to be tough but since her father is not well, we have to get her to change. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. Thank you Jane. Research shows that many people with addictions also have other disorders—bipolar disorder being a common one. There are no easy answers for families experiencing what you are. Sadly, most times all we can do is try to be well ourselves, and have hope for better days to come. There are times when we can force someone into treatment, I’m not opposed under certain circumstances. No advise, but I would at least look into it because of what you’re saying here. Take care.


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