You Can Look This Up

“It’s all right to look up to someone we admire and respect. Calling them our hero or role model is OK too. However, we should also be a person someone can look up to. We don’t necessarily have to be a hero or role model. We just need to be someone we ourselves would admire and respect.”

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Our True Self-Worth

Self-esteem is defined as — a confidence in ones own worth or abilities; self-respect.  I’ve found that practicing love, kindness, understanding, and tolerance towards others can help raise our self-esteem, but we also need to practice those things toward ourselves.

There will be times when we fail doing the things I mentioned; it can take time to believe in ourselves. However, if we keep trying to be a better person than we before, we cannot fail to become one.

We will know in our hearts that we’re a good person, and be able to forgive ourselves on the days when we’re not.

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