Thoughts I Don’t Like Myself For Thinking

I’ve found that trying to be a better person than I was before helps me to love myself, but there are times when I don’t like myself because of my behaviors or even the thoughts I have about someone.  Although it can seem natural to have angry and vindictive thoughts toward people who are mean or downright nasty to us, it’s not how I want to think.

I believe in trying to grow spiritually and thoughts like that temporarily rob us of any peace and serenity we feel.

Fortunately, there haven’t been any recent incidences where someone has treated me badly, and I can usually find humor in the lesser but ridiculous things people do that I find irritating. However, until I develop more spiritual growth, I’m not ashamed to say I still let people and certain things they do bother me and cause me to have thoughts I don’t like myself for thinking.

Here’s a list, mostly written in humor, of the people I’m referring to.

1. Someone behind me at a stop light who feels the need to blow their horn excessively only nanoseconds after the light turns green.

2. People that answer their phone and proceed to tell you they were sleeping. Are they purposely trying to make you feel bad, and why do they have the phone where it will wake them up in the first place?

3. People who take their good old-time leaving a parking space; knowing the whole time you’re waiting for the spot.

4. People who drive large vehicles but shouldn’t. They can’t seem to turn a corner, go over a bump, or park it in under a half an hour.

5. Excessively noisy people. It doesn’t matter where these types of people are. Even at the beach their voices seem to carry over everyone else’s and even other sounds.

6. Impatient people who can’t wait in line more than a minute without displaying some kind of emotional distress.

7. People who have all but an emotional breakdown when their food order gets messed up.

8. Parents who allow their little ones to do almost anything, anywhere, anytime.

9. People who complain constantly. It can be about their health, the weather, or other people, but in most cases it’s about everything.

10. Anyone who puts down another human being because of that person’s race, color, culture, social standing, economic status, or sexual preference. This is not being spiritual, nor is it displaying any kind of personal growth.

As I said, this was mostly written in fun, but as far as the last thing on my list goes.

Although I can be tolerant and understanding toward people like that, I don’t have to be loving or kind. And even though I may not like myself for the thoughts I have about them, I can say I love myself for not being like them.

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