Hatred Fueled By The Media

I believe the news media has a hidden agenda when reporting the news. They try to fuel any fires that may burn in some people’s bellies, mainly to obtain higher ratings. Fires that began for one reason or another, but are somewhat contained until the uncaring media comes along and stokes them.

Once fully ablaze, these fires then cause people to angrily spout their differences about something. Their views about something. And even their hatred about something. People’s differences then grow. Their views become slightly skewed. And their hatred soon consumes them.

A fire burns in my belly that’s fueled by love. Not a love for everyone, but a love that prevents me from hating.

Hate can also fuel any fires that burn in our bellies and, no matter what the reason for it, we need to try to put the fire out. If we don’t; it has the power to destroy us, and those around us that we love.

Of course, the news media will continue to go about the business of reporting anything and everything that piques the public interest. And their hidden agenda will no doubt remain.

But I believe with fewer fires burning in people’s bellies, there would be less hatred to improve the ratings that seem so important to them.

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