I’m Certainly Not Blowing My Own Horn

I really do try to live a spiritual life, but I’m not perfect. There have been occasions when I’ve acted in ways that weren’t very spiritual. One such time was more recent and happened while I was driving.

I was in my car at a red light and someone blew their horn only a second after the light turned green. When I looked in the rearview mirror, they were flailing their arms around and shouting what I can only guess was a profanity-filled tirade of contempt for me because I hadn’t pulled out fast enough for them.

I’ve experienced these horn-blowing incidents before, and even when slightly angered over it, I was still able to laugh it off and go on my way, however, this time was different. This time I was tired and simply not in the mood for yet another impatient display of unwarranted anger.

So after seeing the person act in such a ridiculous way to such a small infraction, I imitated their exaggerated arm flailing in an effort to show them how ridiculous it looked and then proceeded to drive a little slower than I had to while doing a car dance.

I’m certainly not proud of this incident. Or for that matter, any time I’ve acted out in ways that I don’t like myself for. But on this particular day, it felt good to act the way I did, and it was quite cathartic. Besides that, I do a pretty good job of being a spiritual person on most days, so I’m allowed not to be one once in a while.

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