Happy Being Me

For some people happiness seems to come easy. You may know or have met one of these types; they’re almost always smiling and upbeat, and have a positive outlook on life.  However, there are also those, who through no fault of their own, are quite the opposite. They feel little happiness in life and may even battle depression.

Recent or passed tragedies can play a big role in taking away someones happiness in life. And chemical imbalances in the brain can cause a state of deep sadness and hopelessness so great that some people need professional help to overcome the depression they feel.

Then there are those, like me for example, who sometimes have to work a little harder than others to be happy.

Although I know it can be natural to experience ups and downs in our emotions— how else would we discern between happy and sad? Some mornings I wake up feeling down, even though I was in a great mood the day before.

My reasons may be different from others for why this is.  I’m currently not as fulfilled in life as I have been in the past because I haven’t reached some of the goals I set, including helping a greater number of people. However, the important thing is that I know what I need to do for my happiness to return.

I remind myself of what I’ve accomplished so far in life, listen to songs that raise my spirits, and read things that inspire me to keep moving forward on the path of spiritual growth I started when I first got sober. Then sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, my happiness returns.

Fortunately, even though I may not always be the best person I’m capable of being—lord knows I’m not perfect. I have learned to love myself.  When we love ourselves, it means we’re happy with who we are, which makes it easier to be happy in life.

Especially on days when we have to work at it.



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