Time Is On Our Side

Sometimes when I’m feeling down it’s because of time. Not the time we keep, but the time we have while we’re here.

When I think about the people I love. My friends and family members, my wife and children, and especially my grandchildren. It saddens me when I realize that the time I have left to spend with them keeps growing shorter.

I have been fortunate to use time to right any wrongs I’ve done, to grow as a person, to learn to love myself, to see the best in people, and love that part of them. And despite the sadness I sometimes feel, to be happy with who I am.

When we experience sadness due to realizing how short life is, we can use this realization to help us live in the moment, be a better person than we were before, and love others.

It may not make the time we have to spend with loved ones any longer, but it does help us appreciate the time we have with them and enjoy our lives more while we’re here.

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