Growing In The Face Of The Unknown

To grow is to move away from what we already know in search of something new. Something better. To grow is to face our fears of the unknown while trying to maintain faith that we’re doing what is needed to feel better about ourselves. To love ourselves. To grow is to become happy with who we are and to continue to love ourselves, even when we do things we don’t like ourselves for.

Growth is change. A change in our thinking and our emotional well-being. When we are emotionally well, we see life differently. We see ourselves differently. We know we have grown and will continue to do so. We know we are better than we were before. We know we can change our behaviors and improve who we are. We know our continuous striving for growth will never stop, and we don’t want it to.

Our fears are more diminished. Our faith is stronger. We know we can keep moving forward with the promise of better things to come, even in times when the unknown scares us.

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