A Humble Balance

“We should embrace the things that we’re good at and the goofy and dumb things we do. By doing so, we find balance in our lives. One that allows us to feel good about ourselves while remaining humble. We will become more self-confident and yet see the humor in what is called the human condition.”

Emotional Balance For Greater Happiness

Have you ever known someone with an all or nothing attitude? No matter what this person does, rest assured, it’s usually an extreme and often impulsive endeavor of some kind that they feel will bring them satisfaction when they’re done. It can be purchasing and setting up expensive gym equipment because they’ve decided it’s time … Read more

Fly By The Seat Of One’s Pants

Know anyone who lives up to the idiom “Fly by the seat of one’s pants?” It’s basically a person who isn’t afraid to do something even though they don’t experience or training to do it.  I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. I like to think of myself as someone who flies by the seat … Read more