My Connection With Adele

This blog post is different from any other one I have written, and after I finished writing it I almost didn’t post it. I’m not one to go on about celebrities, especially when they’re young enough to be my daughter, but that last statement is one of the reasons I decided to share it. Read on and I think you’ll have a better understanding of why I feel a connection with someone I never met.

From what I understand, some of Adele’s songs speak of the emotional ups and downs she has experienced due to a failed relationship. I too have had my share of emotional ups and downs, and although they were for a different reason, I still feel a connection with her because of the way she writes and sings about her life.

Through her wonderful voice, she reaches millions of people, and I believe she is an inspiration to many of them. I also have a voice through my writing. I talk about the struggles we can have in life, but more importantly, about triumphing over them. I don’t reach millions of people like Adele, but I like to think that I have been an inspiration to people through my voice too.

There’s another reason I feel some type of connection with Adele, and why I like this young lady so much. I will tread lightly here though, as I understand that unlike me, she is a very private person.

As you may know, I call myself a recovered alcoholic and I’m not ashamed to do so. What you may not know is that I have a daughter eight years older than Adele. She is also a singer who has written songs about the emotional ups and downs she’s been through in her relationships. Besides this, Adele’s father is reported to be an alcoholic, and although my relationship with my daughter is good and her experiences with me as an alcoholic father weren’t all bad, it did have an impact on her.

I can’t say what impact Adele’s father being an alcoholic might have had on her, and because I promise to tread lightly, I won’t speculate about it. I will just say that despite my daughter’s childhood and Adele’s, they both turned out to be very good people.

Below is something I wrote about Adele last year that I shared in a forum, especially for her. Yes, I did that. I will add that I could have easily been talking about my daughter, which is another reason why I decided to share this. 

Let me say how wonderful it is to see someone just sing. No dressing in crazy costumes, or acting out in bizarre behaviors. Of course, talent is needed to capture one’s attention, and Adele certainly has that. She seems like a confident person, and I believe she is a much-needed example of what a good person is.” —Darryl Duke

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