Life After Death

Losing a parent when we’re in our fifties seems much more natural than losing one when we’re young, but being older can make us contemplate our own mortality. Of course, losing anyone we love can be devastating, and in some cases, be very hard to overcome the grief we feel. But I am fortunate to know people who show me it’s possible to move on and find some level of happiness again, and some have experienced greater losses than I have.

I get emotional at times when I think about people I love who are no longer here, and I cry. But I believe crying actually helps us process our emotions.  I also try to believe there’s more than just this world and that the person we miss is now free from the complexities we face in life. If you think about it, we’re the ones still here dealing with day-to-day life, and that’s what I’m actually referring to with life after death.

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