The Voice Within Us

I can get all caught up in the negative emotions this world sometimes causes. But I know the fault is really my own—I know better.

Sometimes I feel a sadness that can overwhelm me. Or I can get angry about something I have no control over. And I can even worry at times with no apparent troubles in my life.

Again, I know better. But sometimes when I leave the house and I’m caught up in one or more of these emotions, I become frustrated with people and things. The slow drivers, a cashier taking too long to help the person in front of me at the checkout, and the weather. It doesn’t matter, because I’m caught up in some negative emotion.

However, there is something within me that says you know better—you can do better. Call it the voice of self-talk I’ve learned to use when I’m not at my emotional best. The voice of goodness that I know is a part of me. Or a voice that’s spiritual in nature. Whatever it is I hear, it calms me and helps me change my current thoughts to ones of love. At first, it’s the love I already have for myself that comes from knowing I am not the person I’m behaving as, and then it’s the love I try to have for others.

After that. Any negative emotions I’m caught up in go away and I become a better person than I was only a few moments before.

Perhaps what I hear is the voice of love within us. A love that we are all capable of having and showing if we try. Especially in times when we’re all caught up in negative emotions.

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