I’d Love A Moment With You

“When I think about the world today. Like most parents and grandparents, I have concerns about my kid’s and grandchildren’s future—some days it manifests as fear. But I also enjoy my time with them, which doesn’t include worry. We can love and still be fearful. But I am truly not in fear when spending time … Read more

Love Can Be Both Easy And Hard

It wells up inside of you. An emotional pain that’s hard to describe but easy to feel when someone you tried to help is suddenly gone. Especially when it was a special person who was easy to love. You go from feeling shocked and sad to just feeling deep sadness. The question changes from “Why?” … Read more

I Learned This By Myself

“Some people go through life believing a relationship will fulfill them. That all they need is to be with someone they love, who will love them in return, and they will finally be happy. I agree that a relationship is worth having. That to love someone and to be loved back is a wonderful thing. … Read more

Always Remember I Love You More

“There are many horrible and cruel diseases that cause great suffering and I wish they could all be cured. However, one of the cruelest, in my opinion, is Alzheimer’s. Maybe there is less personal suffering than I think. But to love someone who doesn’t remember us is quite heartbreaking, and I can’t imagine someday not … Read more

More Is Sometimes Less

“If anything sticks out to me as to how times have changed, it would have to be the extremes in people’s actions and behaviors today. We have more knowledge and education at our disposal now than at any other time in history, and yet in some ways, these behaviors seem more uncivilized and angrier. And … Read more