Maybe Our Dreams Do Come True

I celebrated 21 years of continuous sobriety this month. I went from calling myself a high bottom alcoholic, to a recovered alcoholic, and at some point I called myself a self-proclaimed alcoholic. But eventually it no longer mattered what I called myself. The bottom line is that I was a problem drinker who needed to … Read more

I’d Love A Moment With You

“When I think about the world today. Like most parents and grandparents, I have concerns about my kid’s and grandchildren’s future—some days it manifests as fear. But I also enjoy my time with them, which doesn’t include worry. We can love and still be fearful. But I am truly not in fear when spending time … Read more

The Here and Now

We need to work on overcoming our fears and insecurities. It helps us to become stronger and find greater happiness. Life can be scary at times for different reasons, including our past.  And perhaps more frightening when we think about our future. However, all we really have is the present. Living in the here and … Read more