Love Can Be A Drama Free Drug

Drama can be like a drug. We need more of it to be happy. We feel comfortable in the midst of it, and seem happier when we are. As time goes on we look for ways to ‘get our high’ and find one every time. Usually at the expense of others. But certainly at the expense of our emotional well-being.

Fortunately, some of us get tired of our self-made dramas and the ones we blame on others. We no longer want to live that way. We find help, which comes from self-examination and changing certain things about ourselves. We began to see we need to change how we think about ourselves, our lives, and other people.

We learn to change our thoughts, and little by little replace negative ones with more positive ones. More understanding ones. And most importantly, more loving ones.

At some point we realize there hasn’t been much drama in our lives lately. Our lives seem different. We feel different. And people seem different too.

Our lives are different. We found a new way to live; one free from drama.

Perhaps we found a new drug? One we want more of. One that makes us feel comfortable with ourselves. One that gives us a feeling of emotional well-being.

We finally realize that we never really loved ourselves. We weren’t happy with who we were. Now that we do and now that we are. We no longer need drama to makes us happy. 

We simply know we are no longer who we used to be. We love ourselves and are happy with who we are.

We are now drama free.


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