A Path To Joy

When I think of my life as a whole and contemplate why it turned out so well. One answer I give is that while fate and destiny certainly played a part. Deciding to get sober and live a different life put me on a path that I had never been on before. A never-ending path while here on Earth. And one that involves both personal and spiritual growth.

I may occasionally slow down my walk on this path, and early on I stopped a few times to look back. But I knew there was nothing good for me there and it motivated me to turn around and start again.

So another answer I can give as to why my life turned out so well is that I never gave up. I kept trying to believe that not only was I on a path that would lead to greater happiness but also joy.

Thankfully, I’m still on this path today. And although each day isn’t perfect, I do experience joy.

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