Maybe It Was Meant To Be?

An excerpt from chapter 4 of my book. Why I Got Married. I thought I’d post it on my blog after just celebrating 42 years of marriage. It would seem that maybe it was meant to be. But I think not drinking for the last 25 years was a big help. “It just doesn’t make … Read more

Working On Happiness

An excerpt that ties in with something else I wrote about in my book, Facing Our Fears. My infatuation with Julia Roberts and how it had to do with my fears and insecurities. I have become much better at turning my day around and feeling good about myself. But there was a time in my … Read more

Defining Our Identity

An excerpt from my book, Facing Our Fears. I hope you like it. “Identity: I want more people to love themselves and be happy with who they are, but we need to be careful not to let just one thing define us. For example, those in recovery shouldn’t let their substance-use disorders define who they … Read more


We don’t get to choose our parents—the moms and dads who are supposed to guide us and love us. And some of us wind up with parents who clearly should never have had children. But, if we can, we should find a way to forgive them. I did this by understanding that my mom and … Read more

Overcoming Obsessive Thinking

The word obsess comes from the Latin word obsidere, one meaning of which is “to besiege.” Being someone who has, at times, obsessed over something, I can say that if we’re not careful, thoughts can besiege our minds, take us out of the present moment, and rob us of any enjoyment we might otherwise experience. … Read more