Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect But…

Although I’ve made a lot of progress in not doing things that make me feel bad, there are still times when I behave in ways I don’t like myself for.  I realize, however, that I’m not perfect and that these types of behaviors can help me get back on the road to happiness.

For example. Without the wrongs I’ve done in the past and the unhappiness they brought, I wouldn’t know how wonderful it feels when I do something good in my life.  Also, without the negative behaviors I sometimes still display, I wouldn’t know how great it feels when I act in more positive and loving ways.

Without the negative, we can’t experience the positive, but we can limit the negative by trying to be a better person than we were before. I do this by practicing love, kindness, understanding, and tolerance toward others, and more importantly, toward myself on days when I’m not being the best me.

I may not be perfect, but when I practice these things as best I can, I feel happier in life and make others happier too.

4 thoughts on “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect But…”

  1. Hi Darryl,

    I was given the link to your blog by a Facebook friend and former co worker of yours, Larry Knepper. I immediately identified with what you were saying regarding learning to love yourself unconditionally…there are days I struggle with that…I keep working on it….

    You words speak loudly about the human spirit as well as the everyday struggles.

    Deborah M. Migyanko

  2. I’m happy you can identify Deborah. It took me some time to be able to even like myself. After a while it became easier to do so, and eventually as I kept trying to be a better person than I was before, I began loving myself. Thanks for your kind words;I really appreciate them.


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