A New Gratitude

With another new year beginning. I look back to see how much growth I have achieved over 2022. (This growth is spiritual, personal, and emotional.) And what I need to improve on to be the best person I am capable of being. (See Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.) I also look back at all the things … Read more

My Two Kinds Of Joy

Of all the things I’ve achieved in life that still brings me good feelings. (Out of modesty, I won’t list them all here.) Nothing compares to the wonderful feelings that having grandchildren bring. Of course, having children in my life brings me joy. Well…most days anyway. But having grandchildren has given me a new kind … Read more

Are You Capable Of This?

“As human beings, we are capable of both love and hate. Choices that, many times, are made from the emotions we feel about someone or some situation. It would be foolish to believe we can love everyone or that we can love a situation that brings us unhappiness. But I believe we can stop hating. … Read more