Are You Capable Of This?

“As human beings we are capable of both love and hate. Choices that are many times made from the emotions we feel about someone or some situation. It would be foolish to believe we can love everyone or that we can love a situation that brings us unhappiness. But I believe we can stop hating. It may take time and effort on our part. But the reward will be found in the doing. As we keep trying, we feel a burden being lifted and that we are on a path to freedom from hate. If we do this every time we hate. Our emotional wellness will grow and we find that we become more capable of love and less capable of hate.”

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The Voice Within Us

I can get all caught up in the negative emotions this world sometimes causes. But I know the fault is really my own—I know better.

Sometimes I feel a sadness that can overwhelm me. Or I can get angry about something I have no control over. And I can even worry at times with no apparent troubles in my life.

Again, I know better. But sometimes when I leave the house and I’m all caught up in one or more of these emotions, I become frustrated with people and things. The slow drivers, a cashier taking too long to help the person in front of me at the checkout, the weather. It really doesn’t matter, because I’m all caught up in some negative emotion.

However, there is something within me that says you know better—you can do better. Call it the voice of self-talk I’ve learned to use when I’m not at my emotional best. The voice of goodness that I know is a part of me. Or a voice that’s spiritual in nature. Whatever it is I hear, it calms me and helps me change my current thoughts to ones of love. At first it’s the love I already have for myself that comes from knowing I am not the person I’m behaving as, and then it’s the love I try to have for others.

After that. Any negative emotions I’m caught up in go away and I become a better person than I was only a few moments before.

Perhaps what I hear is the voice of love within us. A love that we are all capable of having and showing if we try. Especially in times when we’re all caught up in negative emotions.

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Setbacks And Plateaus Give Us A Chance To Grow

No matter how positive we try to be in life or what our beliefs are, we can still experience setbacks at times. A setback can be defined as an unanticipated or sudden check in progress; a change from better to worse. Some setbacks that come to mind are ones in our health, our finances, and in our relationships. I added that last one because it can set us back emotionally. We can become resentful toward a loved one who we feel has wronged us in some way, and if we are hurt deeply, it can cause us to remain in a state of anger, resentment, or sadness that’s hard to overcome.

Fortunately, I haven’t had any major health problems in my life. And although, like many people these days, I could certainly use more money, I haven’t had any financial setbacks. I have, however, experienced a few emotional setbacks, one in particular came from being hurt by a family member. But since that time, I’ve learned to look at them more as emotional struggles, and call them spiritual plateaus.

One  definition of plateau is a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. In other words, even though I have made progress in my spiritual growth over the years, any anger, resentment, or sadness I felt from being hurt by someone, caused me to feel like I stopped growing spiritually. I was eventually able to get over the way I felt, and in the instance where a family member was involved, I came to the understanding that there are some people we don’t need to be around, family or not, and all we can do is to try to forgive from a distance.

Now in order to get over any negative emotions I felt, I had to do a few things like talking to someone about how I was feeling and fighting any temptation I felt to get back at the people involved, and I reminded myself that it was perfectly normal to feel the way I did. Although I’m not religious, I also used prayer to help me. I found that a simple request for help from whatever god there may be, often speeds up the process of forgiveness.

Most of us will never experience major setbacks in our health or finances, but many of us have and will experience problems in our relationships. The important thing to remember is that whether we call them emotional setbacks or spiritual plateaus, we should never be afraid to talk about our emotions, and depending on our beliefs, pray for help.

Doing so has never failed me to once again start making progress in my spiritual growth, and if needed, to help others through my experiences.


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Fly By The Seat Of One’s Pants

Know anyone who lives up to the idiom “Fly by the seat of one’s pants?” It’s basically a person who isn’t afraid to do something even though they don’t experience or training to do it.  I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. I like to think of myself as someone who flies by the seat of my pants when it comes to facing different fears and insecurities in my life.  However, at one time I was the type of person who flew by the seat of my emotions and know quite a few people who still do.

These people seem to always let whatever emotions they’re feeling at the time, whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, worry, ect, affect their behaviors and sometimes their actions towards others. Usually this is because they’ve done this all their lives and never practiced restraint or felt a need to change the way they behave. Mostly these types live in the extremes of happiness or the negative emotions they feel over their immediate circumstances.

It took me a long time to stop “living” by the seat of my emotions and simply begin living life. But eventually, through practice and help from people who weren’t afraid to point out my erratic and sometimes hurtful behavior’s, I found an emotional balance that has served me quite well over the years.

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